Kickoff Prophecy: What is P-90X “Prayer for 90 Days?”

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What is P-90X-“Prayer for 90 Days?”

By: Evang. Tashara Luster

I love to define words; I just simply love to know the meaning to everything. So, when God placed it upon my heart to pray and intercede for 90-Days and call it P-90X, I just had to know the meaning of 90 and X.

The “P” stands for Prayer! Of course, when we pray over the course of the next 90-Days, we will experience, peace, praise, perfection, process, promotion, pain, purpose, prosperity, perspective, patience, perseverance, and so much more!

The Number 90 is the number of completion of all cycles; 90 is the complete cycle of growth, the period of time in which the spiritual cycle is completed.  It is the number of attainment and fulfillment. The Biblical numerology and symbolism of the number 90 is the number of judgment and order that leads to righteousness. It also means divine completeness from the Father. The number 90 is a number of Patience. It is patience of harmony, meditation, inspiration, and perfection of ideas. The number 90 is also associated with silver, platinum, pearl, and diamonds; it is a wealthy & prosperous number. The flowers associated with this number are white roses, white carnations, and lily of the valley; it is a number of peace, purity, and holiness. The number 90 is also a symbol of creation and represents that life is full of development and rhythm. It is a number of Power! It is the number of those who accomplish the divine will. It means Harvest!

Over the next 90-Days, I want you to receive spiritual wholeness, righteousness, purity, holiness, order, clarity, wealth, completion, accomplishment, growth, patience, harmony, peace, inspiration, perfect ideas, development, fulfillment, power, and God’s divine will & your harvest!

The number 90 is defined as an unitary perfect number. There are only five (5) numbers that are unitary perfect numbers and 90 is one of them. Unitary is defined as something pertaining to a unit or units, which are characterized by, or aiming toward unity. It is something that has indivisible character of a unit. It is something that is whole. It is a measurement or estimation of something. It is something that can be used!

During these next 90-days, you will see your life coming together in unity. You will begin to feel and live completely whole again. You will no longer be a divided individual, but you will continue to exist for the purpose of being a whole unit & a whole person. The number 90 is perfect, meaning it is complete. You too will experience perfection and completeness over the next 90-days in your life.

You will be indivisible over the next 90-days, you will become incapable of be divided & separated from God, your purpose, and your destiny. You will no longer live a divided, depressed, and confused life. You are someone that can and will be used by God to do great and mighty things!

Think of this powerful number 90 in reference to a Square Box.



In a normal space, the interior angles of a square measures 90 degrees each. Thus, an angle measuring 90 degrees is called a right angle. Over the course of the next 90-Days we are going to make some right angles, we are going to have some things in our lives finally add up to what and where they should be. We will no longer walk around lopsided, unequal, and off balance as it relates to our life’s purpose & destiny. P-90X “Prayer for 90Days” is your right angle to get everything in your life moving in the right direction!

The number 90 as it relates to time and dates in the Gregorian calendar is symbolized as XC! I believe this is to mean Xtreme Christian. We need some XC’s in the world today, some Xtreme Christians. I believe when we pray and intercede for the next 90-days that we will not only be transformed into an XC (an Xtreme Christian), but we will also Create an Xtreme Christina Culture!

is powerful because it is a letter & a number. You are more than what you think you are and what people can truly see right now. You are not limited to one thing, but you are multi-talented and your purpose will touch a multitude of people!  It is time to have Xtreme Prayer for 90-Days… because seriously praying for 90 days straight is intense, extreme, and people will be transformed!



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