Breaking Free

Breaking Free 2

Breaking Free’s mission is to support those seeking freedom from struggles with addictive behaviors, same gender attractions, and LGBTQ relationships through a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

Join our Support Group:

If you are looking for a safe place to walk through your journey of breaking free we have compassionate trained leaders equipped to assist you in a group setting.  Call 888-465-1136 to schedule an appointment or email us at for additional details.

Breaking Free Church Workshops:

 Gary McCrea provides leadership workshops to help church’s provide compassion without compromise.


Our goal is to collaborate with pastors, church leaders and ministries to equip them to better understand those who are dealing with sexual and relational brokenness.  Breaking Free seeks to train leaders by giving them the tools necessary to facilitate a safe environment for individuals to be open to grow in grace and truth.  We must create a place where people will feel love, support and encouragement during their journey.  We should have a redemptive and Christ-like response to those who are struggling with their sexual identity.  Breaking Free truly believes in the Word of God and its ability to transform lives as we surrender our all to Jesus Christ.