Keep The Fire Burning Bible Study

Wed.  7:30 to 9:00pm

FREE CONFERENCE CALL – 515-604-9358 PC 119567#

This post modern style of bible study reaches people all over the U.S. because it’s designed for the person who is busy during the day and able to study remotely. Weekly we put fresh wood on the altar of our hearts to keep the fire burning according to Leviticus 6:12 AMP “The fire on the altar shall be kept burning; it shall not [be allowed to] go out”.

Without A Trace Ministries is a member of Global Reformers network established by Apostle Robert Henderson.  This year Without A Trace Ministries is walking through unlocked doors to our destiny and future.   When you walk through the study of this book you will go through the Courts of Heaven process you will discover how to unlock divine destiny over your live and even your nation!  After fully completing this study you will:

  • Recognize the signs of curses operating in your life
  • Identify the origins of curses that war against your destiny
  • Revoke the rights of demonic principalities from operating in your life
  • Learn the secrets to cleansing your bloodline from generational curses

If you are an intercessor, prayer warrior or even a babe in Christ, you will be empowered to a new dimension in prayer.

Invite someone you know that needs to be to Enlightened & Empowered to BE Free in their prayer life!