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By: Pastor Tina McCrea


The goal in Marriage is more than just living together or being great friends. This dispels the myth that living together (chambering, shacking) is the same as being married.  God designed Marriage for oneness and that is not simply being able to finish each other’s sentences.  Oneness means being in joyful agreement with GOD and each other. It means caring for your spouse as you would for yourself by helping them become the best they can be.  A person must first be one with GOD before they can be one with their mate. Oneness includes but is not limited to sexual intimacy and a committed sexual union reserved only for Marriage. Our culture does not encourage true oneness.  


If you are united or one with GOD and the person you are considering marrying is not then you are headed for trouble because oneness is singleness in number and unity.  If you are not one or unified in what you believe about GOD’s Word you are already divided and defeated.  Remember, a man can become one with a harlot through sex but will he commit to her and take her home to meet his mother…. 


Becoming one includes sharing money, taking your husband’s name, and submitting to one another.  Becoming one begins on the honeymoon, but it is by no means over on that day.  It requires changing mindsets, attitudes, behaviors, and maybe even belief systems to go from being independent to interdependent.  This requires yielding to one another as well as submitting to one another.  Submission receives a bad rap.  I have been married for 14 years and I encourage women that submission is really liberating because you don’t have to own all of the responsibilities by yourself. 


Why was follow the leader so fun when we were kids, but it became painful when we became wives?  Submission does not require either mate to become a doormat.  In fact, you don’t even realize you are doing it if you are concerned with putting Christ and the happiness of your mate first.  Jesus willingly submitted himself to the Father and walked in oneness with Him while on the earth. He never tried to undermined the Father’s authority neither did the Father browbeat him as his leader. Theirs was a symbolism of love as it should be between a husband and wife. Jesus consistently stated, “I and my Father are one.” A Marriage that reflects oneness mirrors the image of Christ and His followers (The Church). 


What GOD Has Joined Together


“Since they are no longer two but one, let no one split apart what God has joined together.”


Marriage is a spiritual covenant.  It should be entered into with thought, consideration, and much prayer.  This spiritual covenant outweighs emotional and physical attractions.  A spiritual covenant over rules governmental laws and popular public opinions.  GOD is the supreme governor over marriage.  He is a covenant keeper therefore it is better not to make a vow with or before GOD than to make a vow and not keep it.  GOD brought Adam his wife and presented her to Him.  He watched over that relationship and communicated with Adam daily.  I can imagine Adam had conversations with him about his marriage relationship. 


The Kingdom of God includes our families. When the Kingdom of God is mentioned people’s minds automatically go to an entity, place, or thing outside of their home.  If you are a part of the Kingdom of God then your family is too.  Change your perspective today about your Marriage and your family.  Speak with the King of the Kingdom who can turn hearts and transform minds even if it starts with yours.


People are marrying and given in marriage every day and may even claim that they have a “good marriage” because the law says they can.  The challenge this month is, Is your marriage a God ordained marriage according to the definition of the Holy Scriptures written at the beginning of time and are you enjoying Godly marriage?






Heavenly Father, thank you for the reminder of what your intent and purpose is for marriage.  Father, forgive us for taking the gift of marriage for granted in our personal relationships and in this world.  Help each person that reads this blog realize that you love them and desire that they enjoy life to the fullest in all areas.  Thank you Father for your forgiveness and for an opportunity today to start anew.  Jesus, let those who are living together unmarried make a decision to honor you and each other by seeking godly counsel and through prayer determine if marriage is the next step they should take or changing their life-style.  Let someone who is considering a same-sex marriage believe the Holy Scriptures and decide to allow the liberating power of Christ make them really and unquestionably free from the lie of Satan 

(John 8:36AMP).  In your precious name, Amen.

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