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Our Needs, Our Marriage


In our final installment of this series, we are going to talk about the overall most important aspects of the marriage. In the first two parts, we talked about the overall needs of the spouses, but today, we will talk about the overall needs of the marriage. In order for success to happen in the totality of your relationship, each spouse has to meet the needs of the other spouse and the marriage. Some may be confused as to what the difference is.

There will be days that you do not like your spouse, but you are committed to the vows of marriage. Marriage is a covenant, and according to the very definition of covenant especially in biblical terms, it can only be broken in death. Nothing should break a covenant and a covenant stands no matter what, and the only release is death. So, when life gets hard and you and your spouse can’t agree, lean on the covenant promises of your marriage vows.

Marriage is the habitation, atmosphere, commitment, and the home of the relationship. Marriage is the house that your relationship lives in. Marriage is your Residence! Even when you or your spouse don’t, can’t, or even mess up meeting each other’s needs, you still remain committed to the marriage and the person. Each spouse’s needs are their wants and desires, but the marriage is your foundational covenant promise that you have made.

The vows that you made on your wedding day, you first made them to God. Yes, you made the promise to God to commit your life forever to the person you have chosen to marry.  When hardships, selfishness, trials, financial woes, infertility, distractions, and just life cause you to be distant and pulled away emotionally from your spouse, then remember the marriage. Remember the vows, remember the promises, and remember your commitment! When you remember something, it is more than just a thought, but it is an action of doing something!

You can’t change your spouse, but you can change the atmosphere of your marriage by staying faithful to your commitment and meeting your spouse’s needs on a daily basis. You and your spouse might get sick, go broke, and have bad days, but that does not mean your marriage has to be sick, broken, and bad! Remain committed and God will Reward your Covenant!


The Needs of the Marriage:

  • Spiritual Commitment
  • Family Commitment
  • Purpose Commitment


Spiritual Commitment: Each spouse must be committed to the spiritual aspect of their marriage, first on an individual basis to their personal relationship to God, and then to the spiritual atmosphere of the marriage.  Commit to praying together, doing a devotion, going to church, joining a marriage ministry, going to a marriage conference, and especially having a spiritual couple to mentor you. The key word to the spiritual commitment is devotion. Setting time a part to make sure you ask God into the life of your marriage daily.

Family Commitment:  Both spouses have to be committed to raising their kids together. There should be an agreement that no one parent does it all. You are to parent together and spend quality family time each week. Commit to eating dinner together throughout the week. Commit to family schedules. Be present it the home and at the kids’ school and extracurricular events. Especially commit to doing family night without electronics, get the conversation started at your home with your kids and find out what is going on in their lives.

Purpose Commitment: Every person has a purpose and so does every marriage. It is not just to be happy, but your marriage has a bigger impact to make on the world and to leave a legacy. You and your spouse should have a vision/mission statement for your marriage. When you have a set vision and mission, you will see the dreams of your purpose fulfilled. Your marriage should be one that gives back and inspires others. What is the purpose/significance of your marriage?

Love Assignments: (1) Commit to praying for your spouse this week. Send your spouse a spiritual/inspirational card, email, letter, or devotion this week. (2) Have family night this week…eat at the dinner table, talk, play games, watch a movie, and get reconnected with your kids. (3) Ask your spouse, “What are your dreams?” Moreover, write them down. Write-out a vision/mission statement for your marriage. Define the purpose/significance for your marriage and start living it out! Find a way for the two of you (your family) to be a blessing to another family this week!


“Marriage is Where His Needs & Her Needs Become Our Needs & Commitment”


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