P-90X Day# 2 Prayer Application & Assignment:

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Before & After:

Just like with any exercise program, you are asked to take a before picture of what you look like so that you can see your progress throughout the program. I want you to take a picture of where you are today (your before) so that you too can track your progress over the next 90-days of prayer. Now, I don’t want you to take a literal physical photo, but I want you to take inventory (a snapshot) of who and where you are as of today.


  • Your Mind (thoughts and words you speak)
  • Your Heart (emotions & feelings)
  • Your Hands (work & obedience)
  • Your Feet (your walk, calling, &destiny)


Over the next 90-days, God is literally going to transform you from the inside out in the areas of your mind (thoughts/spoken words), heart (emotions/feelings), hands (work/obedience), & your feet (walk/destiny). If you are starting the process of Prayer for 90-Days and the before picture of your life is depressed, suffering from brokenness, sick, weak, in financial ruin, fearful, confused, lonely, sad, lacking faith, unmotivated, stuck, etc… then when you finish the 90-days of prayer (the after picture of your life), you will be strong, happy, joyous, healed, set-free, blessed, wealthy, walking in wisdom, powerful, courageous, etc..

God is Perfecting You! Perfect means to bring to completion, to finish, to bring to perfection, and to make flawless or faultless. To perfect the defects or shortcomings, to improve and make fully skilled, and to make one pure.

What you are experiencing now is the perfecting process of God. He is bringing you to completion. You are experiencing the birthing of who you really are. God used trouble to bring out the best in you.  He used pain to bring out the purpose in you. He is using sufferings to bring out the success that is within you!  The perfecting process does not feel good, but once finished, it sure does look good.  YOUR BEFORE IS ABOUT TO MEET YOUR AFTER!

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