P-90X “Prayer for 90-Days!” Day #6 The Model Prayer (Pt.2)

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The Model Prayer (Pt.2)

Kingdom: When Heaven Touches Earth

By: Evang. Tashara Luster

“Thy Kingdom come…” You have entered through your born again experience into the kingdom of God. The Kingdom is Within You! The Kingdom is not coming it is Already Here! It is the dimension that embodies the way God does things. You are to call into this earth realm by prayer to God, His kingdom answers to every need. Jesus said that it should be in the earth the same as it is in heaven. What you are in reality asking is that the Father not only send the kingdom of God to the earth, but send the revelation into our hearts as well, so that we can alter our lives.
The desire of the Christian is to live in the perfect will of God.
The kingdom of God is the most important concept in the model prayer.

The Kingdom: The kingdom is the rule, authority, dominion, & reign of God in the universe and is a present reality in the believer’s heart, but it is the future kingdom that is in mind in this passage. The kingdom of God, which is unseen, is the rule of God in the hearts of believers in the present age. The visible and glorious kingdom which every person will see is at the Second Coming of Christ.

“Thy Kingdom come…” The petition is for God to exercise His kingship until the world is filled with His glory. God will establish His sovereignty on the earth. The kingdom will come in full realization by means of its own inherent power. God will perfectly accomplish His will on this earth as it is in heaven.

The Kingdom is Joining God (the King) on His Mission and Vision!

The Kingdom of God is Within You!

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