P-90X #Prayerfor90Days FOR MEN ONLY: EXIT WOUNDS (PT.1)

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Exit Wounds:

“Locate the Entry Wound, 

Determine the Weapon,

I.D. the Shooter”

For many men, you can still remember the day, the year, the month, and the time when you came under arrest to the greatest assault of your life that caused you to give up hope for living or even thinking God would forgive you and use you for greatness. Many assaults in your life have brought you under arrest. You have been imprisoned by the hurt and pain long enough. The only way to overcome your past and your pain so that you can be healed, set-free, and delivered is to determine the location of the Entry Wound.

It is the Entry Wound that is the initial wound, hurt, and pain that has you so messed up now. It is the Entry Wound that is still bleeding and causing you to be a Wounded Warrior. Yes, you kept walking thinking that this meant you were healed, but actually, you are the Walking Wounded. It is time to locate the Entry Wound. Just like physically when someone is injured, and bleeding, it is considered a trauma wound. You have an emotional and past trauma that is bleeding in your life right now.


The only way to stop the bleeding is to locate the wound and apply pressure to it. In locating the Entry Wound, you are dealing with the root and the source by which the assault that has brought you under arrest started. The Entry Wound is the origin of the handicap that you now face in your life, emotions, marriage, manhood, and in your relationship with your kids, in your relationship with your father or the lack thereof, and in your relationship with God.


An Entry Wound is defined as being a wound made by a bullet or other object (weapon) as it enters the body. An entry wound pierces the flesh, the emotions, and the mind and enters into the core of who a man is in order to wreak havoc in his life, destroy him from the inside out, and sideline his destiny. The bullet that is used against you to cause such an entry wound of pain is from the enemy. Now the object used is actually the assault that has brought you under arrest to the deception of its power to render you powerless.


An Entry Wound is further defined as any localized abnormal structural change in the body. Now this allows us to know that an entry wound does not only hurt, harm, and injury you, but it also changes you into being something abnormal in structure. Now a man already has issues in his manhood that causes him to have to take pause often to reevaluate and get himself together. An entry wound makes a man abnormal, it takes away from his identity, structure, image, likeness, and characteristic by which he was created in God.


I know the Instant Replay of your mind still rebroadcasts the entry wound of your past. The Weapon that was used against you and caused your entry wound. These weapons have been the assaults (entry wounds) that have brought you under arrest. They could be a number of things.


Many of you can still remember the day when you were a little boy and you had just discovered that you have emotions that were made to stay trapped within you. You wanted to cry, but you were told to suck it up and that little boys don’t cry. Now you are a grown man and you are unable to have a healthy sense of your emotions.


After the devastation of not being able to express yourself fully through your emotions, you turned to the one emotion that is allowed, Anger. You use anger to rule and dictate others in order to get what you want from them and out of life. Anger is an assault (entry wound) that has brought you under arrest.


Many of you can still remember the day your father walked out on you, and you and your mom still have unforgiveness today about the “absence of a father.” It was the talk of those around you telling you that you would not be anything and that you will be just like your daddy that have brought you under arrest.


Many of you can still remember the times late at night when an uncle or cousin, or that trusted family friend would come into your room and do things to you that still to this day causes you to hate yourself and not trust men and struggle in relationships with women. The struggle of the homosexual thoughts, actions, and impulses are tearing your life apart. You are trying to control the mannerism and the tendencies, but the enemy of your soul is haunting you through this entry wound.


For other men, the assault that brought you under arrest (entry wound) was the dirty and seductive magazines and the pornography on the computer that you discovered that caused you not to appreciate women, but rather to look at them as something to devour. Now 100+ women later in your conquest of their bodies, you are still empty. For others it is that you are now living with an STD or AIDS wondering will God heal you.


For others, your attack or assault (entry wound) that brought you under arrest was the entry wound of the first time you hit the woman you supposedly loved and vowed you would never do it again. But, you still see the bruises and scars both physically and emotionally that you have left upon her.


For others, it is the thoughts of suicide, drug and alcohol abuse that is your assault that caused you to come under arrest. Finally, it is the entry wound of the regret of taking that young woman to the abortion clinic or giving that baby up for adoption. It is time to give up the Painful Secrets and heal from them. These incidents and many more, may have brought you under arrest, but they don’t have to Imprison you!


“You have to go from Entry Wound to Exit Wound”


The Shooter’s I.D. is satan himself. He used his spirits of deceit, counterfeits, and lustful desires as the assassin’s bullet to take you out. You did not know then that that one decision (the assault, the entry wound) would cause you to be under arrest so bad that you would even stop loving yourself and wanting to live. You stopped wanting to come to church and even be around others although they had nothing to do with the assault, the entry wound has isolated you. You did not know that the situation was a trick; a trap in order to get you so messed up and tied up that you would give up!


God wants to restore Hope to the hopeless. When Jesus said to God (Our Father), “Send me, I will make a recompense for it all.” When Jesus said send me, He became a ransom for us. Jesus died so that you would not have to die to the assault that brought you under arrest. There is another way, a better way, and it is through Christ.


Jesus came and died on the cross, He suffered so that you would not have to anymore over this issue. Jesus came to carry it, so that you would not have to anymore; it is too much for you to carry anyway. Jesus came so that He could forgive us, so we would not have to walk around in the guilt and shame of the entry wound. Jesus has come so that you can live again, dream again, hope again, and be all that He has called you to be!


For many of you, the enemy has used isolation to keep you bound, but you are not alone. God is here and has always been there, even when the assault happened. Many of you would say, “How could God have been there and let it happen to me?” Remember that God had to be there cause you made it out alive and that was the grace, the assault hurt you, but it did not kill you. For many of you, you made it out alive, but forgot to live again. The Holy Spirit yearns to comfort you and rebuild your life from the Ashes!


God sees you living again even though all you can see is the rubble and aftermath of the assault on your life. When the enemy launched the assault against you, he did it to try to stop the flow of the anointing and take from you the prosperous place of destiny that the Lord has in store for you. I know you thought the attack was about you, but the enemy was trying to stop the move of God in your life, he did not want the Lord to get the glory, so he attacked what you stood for in order to stop the kingdom!


My dear brothers don’t be a Hoarder of your past! If you are going to hoard or hold onto something, then hold on to the good and the best that is yet to come. Let go of what has taken from you already. Many men know what it is like to have Real-Life Drama! Get rid of the things, places, and people that are bringing you down. Identify what is bringing you down, what is causing you pain: the assault, the shame, the guilt, debt, failed relationships, the past, etc… You have to identify in order to confront, you cannot confront, what you will not identify, and you will never be able to conquer, what you don’t confront!


“Refuse to Hold your Future in Contempt of your Past”


I got a secret for you, it has already happened, you already did it, it was already done to you and you can’t go back! But today you can decide to move forward with a new perspective, new attitude and in wholeness. No matter the pain, the past has shaped you to be who you are today. “We Are a Compilation of Our Life Experiences!”  Like it or not, once the entry wound happened, it became a part of you, but it is not the sum (total) of who you are.


The step you missed in being healed was that you did not release the assault so that you could be unleashed from its attachments. You have to unleash it so that you can be the you before the entry wound happened.  The you that use to dream and be so driven and strong before your innocence was taken, before the assault, the you before the mistakes and bad decisions.


After you have located the entry wound, determined the weapon, and I.D. the shooter, then you must have an Exit Wound. Every pain, hurt, disappointment, failure, and misfortune in life has to have an exit out of your life. Even in the natural when you go somewhere you have never been before, you always look for the exit door just in case something happens. If there is a way in then there is always a Way Out! You have to look for your way out, the Exit.


Manhood Assignment: Locate Your Entry Wound, Determine the Weapon, & I.D. the Shooter of all the assaults that have brought you under arrest. Decide today that you will no longer live with wounds in your life.


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