P-90X #Prayerfor90Days Intimacy with God (Pt.4) FRIENDSHIP WITH GOD!

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Intimacy with God = Friendship with God

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“Abraham, His Friend Forever” (2 Chronicles 20:7).


“Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness.

And he was called the Friend of God” (James 2:23).


What Does it Mean to Have A Relationship with God!


Relate/Relationship: To relate to someone is to tell them all the truth about yourself. A relationship can be developed through an event, circumstance, which brings into or establishes an association or connection that brings about a social or sympathetic relationship with a person or thing. In order to have a relationship, one must have a connection, association, or involvement with someone.  Relationships are connections between persons by blood or marriage. A relationship is an emotional or other personal connection between people.


Do you tell God all the truth about you and your life’s situations? Have you had an encounter or experience with God that has brought about a close connection and association with God? Do you have an emotional or personal connection with God?


If you can’t answer yes to all these questions, you need to find out why, because God desires you and he wants a close connection of intimacy with you! We are related to God first by spiritual blood connection & DNA. You are a part of God because he made/created you into his image and into his likeness. You become connected to God a second time through spiritual DNA when you accept His Son-Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. Jesus and salvation is the bridge that connects us to the Father!


Our Relationship with God is of the Highest Priority!


Salvation is the beginning to having a relationship with God so we can be intimate with Him, but it is not the totality of it… it takes commitment, longsuffering, and dedication (time) to be intimate with God! Will you make the sacrifice needed to be intimate with God?


There Are Three (3) Types of Relationships You Can Have With God:


  1. FAN


The first level of relationship with God is surface and takes not real commitment. If you are a FAN then you just like God for what he can do for you. There is no real sacrifice on your part. A FAN is only intrigued by God, but not invested into a real relationship with God. Don’t settle to only be a Fan of God, he should be more to you than like your favorite sport’s team that you only root for when they are winning and making you feel and look good. There is no real depth to your relationship at FAN level. FANS don’t have or invest into intimacy; they only stay at the intrigued level.


FANS of God are the equivalent of Facebook Friends!


The second level of relationship with God is a little deeper than a fan because you are actually a Follower of God. Followers check-in and they do sacrifice, but they still bold back and they don’t fully commit and sacrifice their all to have intimacy with God. Followers are only interested and not fully invested into the relationship. Followers always have a Plan B just in case it doesn’t work out. Followers have not given themselves completely and totally over to God. They still have other longings that pull them away from God.


Followers of God are the equivalent of Twitter Followers!


The third level of relationship with God is the most connected and deepest level there is, A Friend! A friend of God has gone through the worst yet they are still in love with God and committed to serving him as if life has been a bed of roses. Friends are Invested into Intimacy with God at any cost. They make intimacy a daily habit and not an occasion. Friends have made a covenant with God and not a contract with God like that of Fans & Followers.


Friends understand that you can only know God and be intimate with the Father through covenant, which is the highest level of commitment. Friends understand that their relationship with God is like that of a Covenant of Marriage. Just as in any marriage, you must Constantly Reconnect… it is a Spiritual Marriage… being familiar with God takes time, patience, and truth!


A Friend of God Makes Marriage Vows to the Lord:


“From this Day Forward, I am a Friend of God… For Better or for Worse… In Sickness and in Health….For Richer or Poorer… Til Death, I Am Friend of God!”


Daily, Enjoy God, Encounter God, & Engage God!


It’s not Religion, it’s RELATIONSHIP!



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