P-90X #Prayerfor90Days S.C.A.R.S. (Sufferings, Casualties, Adversities, Rejections, & Success)

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 S.C.A.R.S. (Sufferings, Casualties, Adversities, Rejections, & Success)


Today’s the day that I will talk about something that I feel very strongly about because it’s something God is still teaching all of us, and that is how to overcome the Scar Tissue that is still in our lives.


Scar Tissue for Men are called Exit Wounds and for it is called The Assault that Brought You Under Arrest. Today is about being set free from the things that are still strongholds that we won’t admit nor confront, and the places deep within us that have never been healed because we are too stubborn to see and accept change. However, Change is Coming! Men, we have already supplied you with all the equipment you need to get that bullet out and to heal that Entry Wound that you have. Women, we have already supplied you with all the equipment you need to get healing and wholeness from that assault that brought you under arrest. Now for those of you who have taken this step, the next thing to deal with is the Scars that will remain.


Some people have a really tough time with scars. They can’t seem to look pass them in the mirror and they believe that the world can’t either. It’s the embarrassment, shame, pity, and anger of scars that keep people isolated.  SCARS are self-hatred that causes one to hide away from the world because of the belief that they will be safer from it. “If only this never happened, life would be different and I wouldn’t be this way.” Scared people act as though they are flawed, misunderstood, and can never be truly loved. This type of behavior is self-destructive. It was designed by the enemy to keep you ensnared in your sorrows, a trapped little boy with King potential, and a trapped girl with Queen potential. If you ever want to see that potential rise, you must change your belief of yourself. Your relationship with yourself is one of the most important relationships along with your relationship with God.


“Don’t live as though you have Scars, live as though you have Accomplishments”


scar is not something to be ashamed of; but rather it’s something you can be proud of. How can you be proud of something like that? By understanding that life is about living and learningLive and Learn, but Don’t Repeat! You need to have a confidence in the scars you wear because after all they are unique towards you. You are the only person that can say, “I went through this and survived. I survived the surgery, the healing process, and now I’m here today.”


Your scars are in fact your certification and authentication of your manhood and womanhood. Everything that you went through qualifies you to be a better person, a person with more wisdom, understanding, a deeper respect towards life, and a closer relationship with Christ. Understand that you can appreciate what you have received because of what you have been through. Scars bring perspective, a daily reminder that God is with you. What happened didn’t happen to make life miserable for you, it actually happened to make life better for you.


“Scars are not injuries. A scar is a healing. After an injury, a scar is what makes you whole” 

-China Mieville


S. Sufferings

C. Casualties

 A. Adversities

R. Rejection

S. Success


Scars are sufferings, casualties adversities, and rejections that bring about success in one’s life. Think about it, if you can survive sufferings, casualties, adversities, and rejections, then the only thing left is for you to Succeed!

-Evang. Tashara Luster


  The “Do You” List:

I know you have to have a “to-do list” every day, but you need to have a “Do You” List! We are constantly doing things, but we sometimes forget ourselves.  This list will help you achieve the optimum you, so that you can live a life full and overflowing and not one of weariness. This list helps you to take off the Superman (woman) Cape and put on the Robe of Care for yourself.  We as men and women, we are constantly wearing the cape of “I can do it all” when God is only requiring us to put on the Robe of Care.


Today, decide to change your wardrobe and give up your cape for the Robe of Care!  Your password for your life is LIBERATED.  The login name is YOU… You have to sign-on and login to your own life.  It is time to feel completely free being you.  The key password that all women need to be successful in life is Jesus Christ.  It is through Him that we are liberated. “Whom the Son sets free is free indeed” (John 8:36).


This is Your “Do You” List:

1)      Accept You

2)      Love You

3)      Trust You

4)      Affirm You

5)      Respect You

6)      Be You



Accept yourself no matter what. Have a great appreciation for who you are. There will always be things that you want to change, but you have to have initial acceptance of who you are and rejoice in the value of your life.  Know what qualities are simply a part of you and know the things that you do have the power to change.  You become better when you choose to.

Love yourself. If you do not, then no one else will. Take time to love yourself through words, care, and doing fun things.  You are worth it and you do deserve it.  Always keep a healthy self-esteem; fall in love with you, and then others will too.

Trust yourself no matter what.  You are your own greatest ally.  Decide every day and in every situation to be honest and trustworthy.

Affirm yourself. You know you can do it, you know you will make it, and you know you are a beautiful woman and you are a handsome man.  Say and do things to affirm yourself and the overall goal of your life.  Only allow things, people, and places into your life that affirm and add to who you are. Dismiss those things that subtract from you.

Respect yourself every day.  Never allow anyone to degrade you or treat you as less than who you are.  Always regard yourself highly and keep your dignity, integrity, and self-respect as a top priority.

Be You.  If you do not be you, then who will?  God made you and He doesn’t make mistakes, so you are what He wants you to be.  Seek God for improvements, and not the opinion of man.  Be proud to be you, even the past you.  You are a compilation of your life experiences and they have made you who you are today.


Every day, you have to keep this “Do You” list before you.  No matter what situation you face, you will always need to Accept you, Love you, Trust you, Affirm you, Respect you, and Be you!  When you don’t “Do You,” then you are a half-empty man (woman).  The only way to be full is to fully “Do You!”


Take time now to write out the “Do You” list several times on a piece of paper, sticky note, or index card. Put the list on the bathroom mirror, in the car, at your office, and wherever else you need a reminder of how great you are. A Total Man (Woman) does the “Do You” list every day.




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