Prayer With A Purpose: Giving Thanks to God. It’s A Good Thing

Nov 26, 2014   //   by Tina McCrea   //   Blog  //  Comments Off on Prayer With A Purpose: Giving Thanks to God. It’s A Good Thing

Psalm 92 reminds us how good it is to give thanks to God.  He deserves it, He shows us steadfast, saving love & mercy, His wondrous works speaks for themselves, and Hearing us thank and praise God causes others to consider His goodness in their lives.

In researching the origination of Thanksgiving I noticed that a woman named Sarah Hale dedicated 30 years of her life to ensuring that one day was set aside to acknowledge and Thank God.  What are we dedicating our time to as it relates to God?  Take time this week, if you will, to read Abraham Lincoln’s Proclamation of Thanksgiving.  Oh how I pray that we have a president of the United States again that will STAND for Jehovah God and not shift with the wind when it’s convenient!

Be encouraged as it relates to all of the killing of young African American boys and men.  God will bring forth a revival of Justice in our land because people are realizing that only HE can uncover Truth, bring Justice,  and heal this land.  Our actions are simple humble ourselves by acknowledging that we NEED His intervention, ask Him for help, and turn from perversion and disobedience. THEN we will see revival in this land (2 Chronicles 7:14).  This is a promise not just a quote of scripture.

To playback the prayer for Ferguson, America, and the Season of Thanksgiving Click Here:




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