The Divorce-Proof & Remarriage Series (Pt.2)

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Divorce is Like A Death…



“So What Are You Doing to Make Your Marriage Stay Alive?”

 By: Evang. Tashara Luster

There is no such thing as a NO FAULT DIVORCE! Everyone has a role and a fault in a divorce. No one is a perfect spouse. We are imperfect people who marry other imperfect people, but still hope for a Fairytale! It takes love, work, dedication, commitment, trust, faith, and especially forgiveness to stay married and to have a great marriage.


In the natural, if you were diagnosed with an incurable disease, or some other curable infirmity, you would do whatever it takes to stay alive. You would change your diet, exercise, get surgery, take medication, and do whatever therapy just to extend your life and the quality of it.


So why is that when our marriages go through a diseased state we only want to get a divorce (a death) and not fight for it to live? It takes power to live and it takes nothing to file for divorce and just let the marriage die. Today, choose life over death as it relates to your marriage.


Some file for Divorce (DEATH) and say it is because of Irreconcilable Differences. This is the common reason people use to get a divorce. You are going to have Irreconcilable Differences in marriage, but that does not mean you have to have a Divorce (Death). If you entered into your marriage and thought you would not have Irreconcilable Differences then you set yourself up for a fantasy that will never happen.


You and your spouse are two totally different people: man and woman, different backgrounds, and upbringings, different desires, etc… Your differences don’t have to make your marriage Irreconcilable! You can reconcile and embrace the differences that you have and find a place of agreement. Have good decision making in your marriage that is not selfish, but marriage-centered!


Bad Emotional Responses to the Issues of Your Marriage Can Compromise Good Decision Making!
How to Have A Marriage & Not A Divorce. First, Change Your Marital Diet! Remove all the unhealthy words, processed emotions, saturated arguments, artificial affection, and empty calories of non-quality time. The same way you RESET your body when you have decided to change your lifestyle and eat right and exercise, is the exact same thing you have to do for your marriage.




Don’t Shutdown your marriage through a Divorce (Death), but RESTART (Reset) your marriage. You have to clear the history and forgive in order to restart/reset your marriage. You have to let go of the past, the hurts, and the pains and press towards the intimacy of your marriage.


Stop Looking at your Future of your marriage in light of your past!  The light of your past is not enough to shine forth or illuminate the future of your marriage.  Trust God for enough light for where you are, and for the step you are on in your marriage.  Make up in your mind that you are going to outlive what you are going through in your marriage.




The word restart means to commence, begin, to move suddenly, to get into motion, originate, introduce and to establish.  It is also a place or time of beginning and it even means to make a noise.


The word shutdown means to cease, to halt, to block, to confine, to prevent, to keep away, to stop the flow of, and to be silent.  It is okay to restart, it is okay to begin, move suddenly, get into motion, and establish your marriage again.  You owe it to yourself after all you have been through to restart in every area of your life, especially your marriage.  However, it is not okay for you to stop living and shutdown and divorce (cause a death to your marriage).  Do not stop, halt, cease, block, or keep away your blessings, future, or the happiness that is to come into the life of your marriage, despite what has already happened.


Don’t Breakdown, but Breakthrough. It is time for you to Pursue, Overtake, and Recover All in your marriage.  Don’t look for the easy way out, but work hard for that which is within your marriage! Restart means to make a noise, but shutdown means to be silent.  Restart your marriage!  Make some noise about your marriage, don’t be silent and allow a divorce to happen!  Don’t shutdown and lose your marriage by being silent about it.


The word breakdown means the act or process of failing to function or continue.  When you breakdown, you submit yourself to failure in your marriage, which is a divorce.  Crying is not a breakdown, but giving up when you know God still has you in the fight is a Breakdown in your marriage!  You don’t have a breakdown until you give up on God and your marriage.  When you want to give up on life, marriage, family, ministry, friends, and God, then you are at a point of having a Breakdown!  Don’t ever give up on God and your marriage, no matter what you are going through.


The word Breakthrough means an act of overcoming or penetrating an obstacle or restriction. Sometimes on your road to recovery and breakthrough in your marriage, you will have to encourage yourself in the Lord.  There will be times in your life when everyone seems to be against you and you will have to rely solely on God for strength so that your marriage can survive and thrive.  Divorce is not stronger than your Marriage. Let’s make the choice of divorce weak today, and make it not an option for our marriages.


Breakthrough, Pursue, & Recover All in Your Marriage!


*Please note that if you are in a violent or domestically abusive relationship rather physical, emotional, or verbal you do need to separate and get help!*




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