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Intimacy With God (Pt.2)

Oct 23, 2013   //   by Tina McCrea   //   Blog  //  Comments Off on Intimacy With God (Pt.2)

The Worship Encounter: “Lord Give Me You!”


“God, Restore & Reawaken My Confidence, Joy, Trust, & Hope in Your Wisdom, Character, Will, & Plan!”


This is our Day #2 Focus Target: Knowing God more Intimately and Rebuilding the Foundation of, “Who is God, and Who am I in Christ?” You are the representation of Christ/God on and in the earth. You are the image of God and you were created after His likeness. So when temptation comes into your life, ask yourself, “If this situation is in alignment with God’s image, likeness, and will for my life?”


2 Corinthians 5:17


“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”



Step #1 To Intimacy & New Life

You Can Begin Again! New Life awaits you when you rebuild the foundation of an Intimate relationship with God in your Life!


It All Begins and Ends with God:

You must go deeper in the Lord. You have to be drawn into a greater intimate relationship with Him. God is the Creator (Architect) of your life; He holds the blueprint. Therefore, you have to go to the manufacturer in order to understand completely who you are, what you are called to do, and how to live in joy and happiness. This is essentially peace in Him. These things combined bring about peace. You might not understand it all, but in a deep and meaningful relationship with God, you will be able to have peace.


Now on a scale of 1-5, “Where are you in your relationship with God?” (1): you go to God only when you need something or when you are in trouble. You do not pray often. (2): you spend some/minimal time with God mainly on Sundays and in bad situations. (3): you are growing in your relationship with God and trying at least twice a week to make time for Him. (4): you strive several days a week to pray, read the Bible, worship, and commune with God. (5): you don’t begin a day without praying to God, you talk to Him throughout the day, and you make it a priority to commune with Him, always. If you look at where you placed God on this scale, then you have your answer for the way you feel or perceive your life!


If God is a low priority, then so is your happiness and joy. Furthermore, your joy and happiness is not complete until you put God in His proper place in your life, which is First! Put God above everything else and everyone else. Don’t get me wrong; various situations in life cause us to have to strive to do this, but you can’t afford not to consistently plan to make time for God daily.



If you would spend at least 15-30 minutes daily with God, instantly your happiness and joy would go to another level. Turn the cell phone, the TV, the computer and everything else off and just sit in the presence of God. Pray, worship, read the Bible, and then finally sit silently before God so He can talk back to you.



Now that you have committed to doing this daily, you will see transformation. If you go back to Genesis (the Beginning), happiness and joy was found in God and in Him alone. When God created Adam, God was his only companion. After God communed with Adam for a season, then He created another relationship when He created Eve. However, before He gave them to each other, He did not cheat Eve out of her personal time with Him. God caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep, so He could minister to His daughter. You have to spend time with God, in order to know who you are, and what peace, joy, and happiness really is. If it was needed in the beginning, then it is needed right now in our lives. You can’t bypass God and think you will be fulfilled; it all begins and ends with Him. God is the Alpha and the Omega!



It is only until you know and love God, that you can love yourself and your life. Loving yourself is foundational to being happy. You can’t be happy with yourself apart from God. You were created in His likeness; therefore, you are an image (representation) of Him in the earth. Honestly, do you love yourself? If people really knew what you thought of yourself, what would be their reaction? Are you just faking it until you make it? Be disciplined in every area of your life. Think of yourself in a new manner; remember, you are the image of God.


“God took a picture of himself and when He developed it, you came out on the image!”

Spiritual Weekly Assignments:

  • Journal ever day
  • Pray every day
  • Worship every day

Intimate Journal Questions:

1. Who is God to me?

2. Who am I in Christ?

3. What does an Intimate relationship with God look like to me?

4. What are my faith challenges in believing God for the plan and purpose for my life?

5. What distracts me from drawing closer to God?

6. How do my emotions play a role in knowing God more/better?



Song By: Shana Wilson “Lord Give Me You”

P-90X #Prayerfor90Days “Intimacy With God”

Oct 22, 2013   //   by Tina McCrea   //   Blog  //  Comments Off on P-90X #Prayerfor90Days “Intimacy With God” 

If you seek the LORD your God with all your Soul (mind/thoughts, heart/emotions & will) you will find Him.” Deuteronomy 22:39

Now God is not missing, but we are sometimes MIA in our mind/thoughts, heart/emotions & will as it relates to God. We will know and be intimate with God when we seek him with all our being and surrender our all to Him.

Cultivating an Intimate Relationship Requires A Commitment of Covenant.

If you are really going to know and be intimate with God, then you have to let go of the cheap imitations of intimacy that only lead to disappointment. Cheap imitations of sex, drugs, alcohol, fake love, & fake friends, etc…

Did you know that you were created to have a loving relationship with God?

It takes commitment to be Intimate God. This week’s series will show and teach you how to know God in a loving and intimate relationship. Not one that is vicariously experienced through another or by what you have only heard. Many have been in the place where they thought they knew God, but all they really had was religion and not Relationship. Many have never come to a place of Relating to God!

Intimacy: The state of being intimate. A close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship with another person or group. A close association with detailed knowledge & deep understanding of a person.

Job 42:5-6 (NLT)

5 I had only heard about you before, but now I see you with my own (spiritual) eyes. 6 I take back everything I said, and I sit in dust and ashes to show my repentance.”


To be intimate with God is not to hear of Him (religion), but to see him (through spiritual eyes) in an Encounter in your own life (relationship). Many have settled for religion because that is easy, but you know God desires relationship (commitment/covenant) from you, this is hard. A person can go through life & not commit to a religion, but you can’t have an intimate relationship with God without commitment & covenant!

So how do we as mere mortals (finite beings) begin to be intimate with a Ubiquitous, all-powerful, knowing, seeing infinite God? We start where he started with the invitation to relationship with Him!

John 3:16 (NLT)

 “For God so loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.”

God has already made the first step in knowing you, in wanting you, and in desiring to have fellowship (an intimate relationship) with you. He LOVES You! If you don’t know or remember anything else, just know He loves you!

1 John 4:19

We love Him because He first loved us.


God gave and sacrificed His one & only Son in order to have a relationship with you!

So, in Step 1 & 2 of Knowing God, you didn’t have to make a move, take a step, or prove anything. God has done the hard part. He has loved you despite your sins, and He has given His Son as a ransom and sacrifice to know you and be intimate with you. When the scripture says, that God so loved (this means He loved you beyond comprehension)… You and I cannot and we will not ever be able to measure the breath, depth, or sacrifice of God’s love for us…

Romans 5:8
“But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

God allowed His Son to die to be close, near, and intimate with you! What will you let die in order to be near, close, and intimate with God? Will you let that sin, that addiction, that relationship, that habit, or that ___________________ (you fill-in-the-blank) die in order to have a relationship with God. Only religion allows you to sin and say it is ok, but relationship will always holds you accountable no matter what.

We discover how to know God through His Word & through Worship, and we help others know God through our Witness! The Word, Our Worship & Our Witness are the beginning steps to knowing God! You don’t know God through Religion, you Know Him through Relationship! So how do you relate to a God you cannot see, smell, or touch? It is amazing in our relationship with God, He can see, smell, and touch us, but we cannot do the same for Him. However, God left us with the greatest sense of all we can HEAR God!

Romans 10:17
So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

The faith that you need to know God and stay committed to Him comes from you Listening & Hearing the Voice of God!

God has to be known beyond your sensory feelings, but you must commit to being acquainted with Him! It is in knowing Him that you will trust Him! Knowing God will not always be a honeymoon or euphoric experience. Many times like Job, you will really know the many faces, sides, and names of God through the vicissitudes of life.

Philippians 3:10
that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death

Constantly reconnect with God on a daily basis…Just like in the natural sense in any marriage and relationship; it takes time, patience, and truth to Know someone!


You have to Want & Desire God Daily!

Psalm 27:4

One thing I have desired of the Lord, That will I seek: That I may dwell in the house of the Lord All the days of my life, To behold the beauty of the Lord, And to inquire in His temple.


“As the deer pants for the water brooks, So pants my soul for You, O God” (Psalm 42:1).


The First Steps to Knowing God Intimately

  1.  Choose a special place where you can meet with God.
  2. Choose a special time devoted to meeting with God in Worship, Prayer, Bible Study, & Fasting, etc….
  3.  Invest a significant amount of time in getting to know God and how important it is that you prioritize Him above all else in your life.
  4. Take a Sabbath Day of Rest
  5. Have Continual Communication with God
  6. Listen to God… take 15mins of silence daily to really hear God speaking to you!

It is not Religion, it is RELATIONSHIP!

Enjoy God!


P90X #Prayerfor90Days “ADDICTIVE THINKING”

Oct 21, 2013   //   by Tina McCrea   //   Blog  //  Comments Off on P90X #Prayerfor90Days “ADDICTIVE THINKING”


By: Pastor Tina R. McCrea


The focus of a Christian life should be on Christ, not on self-imposed regulations. Our experience of Christ’s lordship is dependent on our moment-by-moment attention to His instruction, not on our own regimented schedule.  This has helped me personally answer the question that was posed to me over twenty years ago, “Why Do You Fear Failing So Much?”   The performance trap leads to a fear of failure.  The fear of failure can lead to various problems such as perfectionism.  Perfectionism is a way to cover up for low self-esteem and any threat of failure is perceived as attacking self-esteem.


Anxiety and fear of failure are often the source of self-condemnation and the disapproval of others, both of which are severe blows to the self-worth based on personal success and approval.  The next time you experience anxiety ask yourself what failure you sense may be about to occur.  Mood swings, chemical dependency, additions to sex, addictions to success or eating disorders are other ways of escaping this false sense of thinking (Robert S. McGee-The Search for Significance).


This research has helped me on a personal level but how does what we have just covered address addictive thinking?  When most people hear the word addiction, immediately they think of drinking alcohol or abusing drugs.  Through my research, I would like to suggest that these actions and other dependencies are actually mechanism of escape from an addictive thought process stemming from low self-esteem and feelings of inferiority that impacts a person’s view of reality and their ability to cope.  This can be broken through awareness, self-truth, acceptance, devotion to God’s Holy Word and tools provided by great resources.


What is addictive thinking and how does one know if they are an addictive thinker?   According to Dr. David Sedlak, addictive thinking is a person’s inability to make consistently healthy decisions in his or her own behalf.  This is not a moral failure of a person’s willpower, but rather a disease of the will and inability to use the will.  Sedlak stresses that this unique thinking disorder does not affect other kinds of reasoning.  Thus, a person who develops a thinking disorder may be intelligent, intuitive, persuasive, and capable of valid philosophical and scientific reasoning.  He says the peculiarity of addictive thinking is the inability to reason with oneself.  From this, we find various emotional and behavioral problems such as compulsive gambling, sexual addition, eating disorders, nicotine addiction, codependency and ultimately alcoholism and drug addiction.


Addictive thinking can cause people to deny themselves the potential to enjoy enlightenment due to their inability to explore new areas that are unfamiliar or threatening.  They tend to be unhappy the greater part of their lives.  A person may be stuck in addictive thinking patterns if they repeatedly remind themselves of what they should have done or feel that nothing they ever do is good enough.  According to Psychiatrist David Burns “shouldy thinking” fills a person with a sense of failure, shame and self-contempt.  Other words like ought or must can create the same feelings.  Psychologist Albert Ellis calls it “must-ur-bation.”


According to Abraham J. Twerski author of Addictive Thinking: Understanding Self-Deception, Addictive thinking can resemble schizophrenia thus many people have been misdiagnosed with schizophrenia when they really are addictive thinkers.  The difference between schizophrenic thinking and addictive thinking is Schizophrenic thinking is blatantly absurd whereas Addictive thinking has a superficial logic that can be very seductive and misleading.  To address the topic of seduction and misrepresentation of the addictive thinker, Twerski’s original title for his book was “Addictive Thinking: Why Do We Lie to Ourselves? Why Do Others Believe Us?” (Abraham Twerski).


More often than not, the addictive thinker does not intentionally try to deceive others.  In this fast pace, microwave society that we live in, we often time do not take time to process what we hear to determine if it is really making sense.  The addictive thinker lives in a state of constant denial distorting the truth about their reality.  As hard as it may be to believe this is not the same as lying.  Lying is a willful, conscious act. The addictive thinker believes that they are telling the truth.  Denial, rationalization, and projection are unconscious acts.


This is why addictive thinkers can resist change and remain in cycles of pain and abuse even when it is pointed out to them that it is happening.  The addictive thinker begins to change when they become aware of denial, their unconscious perceptions and actions associated with them.  Change is generally not a problem with us as long as it is quick and happening within someone else.  Alcohol Anonymous recommends that change will not happen overnight.  It is a twenty-four hour a day, one-day at a time journey.  Practicing this concept helps the addictive thinker and those who are a part of their lives recover.


Shame is an accumulation of painful feelings that come with the belief that who we are is not good enough.  It is wrapped in words like, “I’m stupid, bad, ugly, and dirty, damaged, or damaged goods.  Physical and emotional abandonment coupled with distorted or undefined boundaries are the root cause of shame.


In order to bring wholeness to in the life of one who experienced addictive behavior during childhood they need to acknowledge suppressed feelings, grieving losses and hurts.  Next build healthy boundaries by increasing self-awareness, identifying childhood violations and the offenders, express feelings about them and what was done then examine the state or your boundaries in your present relationships and clean them up if necessary.  Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” This quote to me is empowering as it relates to personal boundaries.


Philippians 4:7-9 (NASB)

7And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. 8Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.  9The things you have learned and received and heard and seen in me practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you.



Proverbs 23:6-8 (ASV)

6 Eat thou not the bread of him that hath an evil eye, Neither desire thou his dainties: 7 For as he thinketh within himself, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; But his heart is not with thee.

Bryan Robinson, author of “Heal Your Self-Esteem: Recovery from Addictive Thinking” suggests that by changing how we think we can literally change how our personal lives are manifested.  He calls it applying healing patterns of thinking.  There are as follows:


  1. Principle of Perception.  Our perceptions of ourselves and the world are shaped by mental pictures of past reality that can be changed
  2. Principle of Choice.  We always have the power to choose how we will think, feel and behave; no matter how hopeless our lives seem to be.
  3. Principle of Vacuum.  Getting rid of addictive thoughts and feelings clears a pace for us to receive healing and happiness in our lives.
  4. Principle of Optimism. We can create a positive outlook and by looking on the positive side of situations rather than the negative side.
  5. Principle of Expectation.  Our expectations have self-fulfilling effects that create our experiences and thus our experiences of life become whatever we expect them to be.
  6. Principle of Harmony.  Our lives work when we align our thoughts, feelings, and actions to fit into the grand harmony of nature, rather than resist the natural force of the universe.
  7. Principle of Empowerment.  We are empowered when we think of ourselves as survivors instead of victims of life and when we accept responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  8. Principle of the Boomerang.  The thoughts we put out from within eventually come back to us in one form or another, just like a boomerang.
  9. Principle of Magnetism.  We attract people into our lives who think, feel, and behave like us and thus people closest to us are mirrors of ourselves.
  10. Principle of the Inner Guru.  Healing addictive thoughts and lifestyles come from the inside out not the outside in.

The addictive thinker can apply these principles replacing images in their mental scrapbook, letting go of unhealthy attitudes and behaviors that held them captive, moving from seeking approval from others to accepting themselves as God wonderful creation filled with peace.




P-90X #Prayerfor90Days Depression: Healing & Wholeness

Oct 20, 2013   //   by Tina McCrea   //   Blog  //  Comments Off on P-90X #Prayerfor90Days Depression: Healing & Wholeness


Sit & Die or Go & Try


Now there were four leprous men at the entrance of the gate; and they said to one another, “Why are we sitting here until we die? 4If we say, ‘We will enter the city,’ the famine is in the city, and we shall die there. And if we sit here, we die also. Now therefore, come, let us surrender to the army of the Syrians. If they keep us alive, we shall live; and if they kill us, we shall only die.” 5And they rose at twilight to go to the camp of the Syrians; and when they had come to the outskirts of the Syrian camp, to their surprise no one was there. 6For the Lord had caused the army of the Syrians to hear the noise of chariots and the noise of horses—the noise of a great army; so they said to one another, “Look, the king of Israel has hired against us the kings of the Hittites and the kings of the Egyptians to attack us!” 7Therefore they arose and fled at twilight, and left the camp intact—their tents, their horses, and their donkeys—and they fled for their lives. 8And when these lepers came to the outskirts of the camp, they went into one tent and ate and drank, and carried from it silver and gold and clothing, and went and hid them; then they came back and entered another tent, and carried some from there also, and went and hid it (2 Kings 7:3-8).

The four lepers were diseased, in despair, and felt ostracized from their entire city.  They were on the outside longing to be on the inside.  We have all been there when issues in our lives seem to keep us from fitting in and going to the next level or place.  The lepers were in a serious dead zone, but they counted the cost.  They had either strength to lie there and die or strength enough to get up and try.  They decided to go despite what they were going through and what they had already been through in life.


The lepers were clueless to a degree, but they were careful and not careless about the next move in their lives.  The Bible says, “He who is careless of his ways will die” (Proverbs 19:16). There has to be consistency and diligence in all of your ways.  They all asked the paramount question, “Why are we just sitting here?”  Today, I pose that question to you, “Why are you just sitting there?”  Sitting on your dreams, talents, breakthrough, life, and family, when so much more awaits you, but you are just sitting there.  Do not be afraid to move and make a decision.  You could be wrong -yes, the odds are against you – but you still owe it to yourself at least to try.


The lepers had three choices: (1) Go back to the city in the famine and die, (2) Sit and die, or (3) Go to the enemy, surrender, and possibly die.  Now to the naked or untrained eye, you would say all the choices equaled death.  However, the third choice, the most unpopular choice, and the least traveled road, only had the possibility of death.  The other two choices had the assurance of death.


Choices #1 and #2 gave them the options to sit and do nothing or turn and go back to where they came from.  Sit, do nothing, and turn back are never the choices that God calls for you to choose or do.  He never wants you to sit and be stagnant, nor does He want you to go back to a place from which you have already been delivered, especially when the people there do not respect you, value you, or want you.


In verses 5-6, when they decided to make a move, God made one as well. Their little footsteps walking to the enemy’s camp were undetectable, but God amplified the sound to such a degree that their enemies heard chariots, horses, and a great army coming.  I know you feel like what is it really going to help (or do) if you try, but if you can take the first step, God will amplify and magnify your little step and make it great.  You getting up out of the pit will cause God to move on your behalf.  Not doing something is still disobedience, even more so than doing the wrong thing.


Because they decided not to die and got up out of the depression that they were in, they were able to go to the enemy’s camp empty-handed, but left with an overflow of everything they needed and more.  When you trust God, you will not be left empty-handed.  The lepers even went back to the same place and people who put them out and left them for dead, in order to tell them all of what they had found and to share it with a dying city.  We, too, have to go back and save those who are dying once God has healed and delivered us from our issues, and given us overflow.


We are in a dying world today, but how many of us actually go into it and save others by sharing Christ?  You don’t have power until you have empowered someone else.  If you feel powerless, then empower someone else.  How?  By helping them to become enlightened to a better way of life in Christ.  It is only through enlightenment that Power can be activated (Ephesians 1:17-18).

Small Changes=Big Transformations! The little things lead to Great Things!

Be Whole and Not a Hole:

“Dealing with Depression”


The opposite of happiness and joy is depression. When someone is depressed, they feel devalued, they feel sad, and they are oppressed by life.  This way of thinking and feeling brings you down and lowers your self-esteem.  For something to be put or pressed down, then it had to be at one point at a place of elevation, joy, acceptance, and happiness.  You can’t depress or lower something that is already low; depression only attacks an aspect of life or the mind that is at a pinnacle place.  You do not have to live in depression; there is more for you. If you can remember, there was a time when you were not depressed.  You have to get back to that place again.


Depression is a hole and no one sows into a hole.  You feel like you have been thrown into a hole and left there to die.  So goes the state of your emotions. If you remain in that hole, then you will not survive.  To stay in a place where you will die is insane, and the enemy is trying to make you stay there so he can destroy your life and destiny.  It is hard to fill something with a hole in it.  Whether it be the hole from your past experiences holding you back or some other misfortune of life, decide not to let the hole swallow you up, but rather let it drive you to destiny.


On a news report before his death, Senator Ted Kennedy said, “Even the most profound losses are Survivable.”  This was a man who could speak about losses and hardships in life despite his politically powerful last name.  The main point is that through it all, he maintained a can-do attitude and was a survivor.  My dear brother (sister), you have losses, but you are not one of them. Outlive your losses!


“You are not Crazy; You just had a Bad Day, or a Couple of Bad Days!”

P-90X #Prayerfor90Days S.C.A.R.S. (Sufferings, Casualties, Adversities, Rejections, & Success)

Oct 19, 2013   //   by Tina McCrea   //   Blog  //  Comments Off on P-90X #Prayerfor90Days S.C.A.R.S. (Sufferings, Casualties, Adversities, Rejections, & Success)


 S.C.A.R.S. (Sufferings, Casualties, Adversities, Rejections, & Success)

Today’s the day that I will talk about something that I feel very strongly about because it’s something God is still teaching all of us, and that is how to overcome the Scar Tissue that is still in our lives.


Scar Tissue for Men are called Exit Wounds and for it is called The Assault that Brought You Under Arrest. Today is about being set free from the things that are still strongholds that we won’t admit nor confront, and the places deep within us that have never been healed because we are too stubborn to see and accept change. However, Change is Coming! Men, we have already supplied you with all the equipment you need to get that bullet out and to heal that Entry Wound that you have. Women, we have already supplied you with all the equipment you need to get healing and wholeness from that assault that brought you under arrest. Now for those of you who have taken this step, the next thing to deal with is the Scars that will remain.


Some people have a really tough time with scars. They can’t seem to look pass them in the mirror and they believe that the world can’t either. It’s the embarrassment, shame, pity, and anger of scars that keep people isolated.  SCARS are self-hatred that causes one to hide away from the world because of the belief that they will be safer from it. “If only this never happened, life would be different and I wouldn’t be this way.” Scared people act as though they are flawed, misunderstood, and can never be truly loved. This type of behavior is self-destructive. It was designed by the enemy to keep you ensnared in your sorrows, a trapped little boy with King potential, and a trapped girl with Queen potential. If you ever want to see that potential rise, you must change your belief of yourself. Your relationship with yourself is one of the most important relationships along with your relationship with God.


“Don’t live as though you have Scars, live as though you have Accomplishments”


scar is not something to be ashamed of; but rather it’s something you can be proud of. How can you be proud of something like that? By understanding that life is about living and learningLive and Learn, but Don’t Repeat! You need to have a confidence in the scars you wear because after all they are unique towards you. You are the only person that can say, “I went through this and survived. I survived the surgery, the healing process, and now I’m here today.”


Your scars are in fact your certification and authentication of your manhood and womanhood. Everything that you went through qualifies you to be a better person, a person with more wisdom, understanding, a deeper respect towards life, and a closer relationship with Christ. Understand that you can appreciate what you have received because of what you have been through. Scars bring perspective, a daily reminder that God is with you. What happened didn’t happen to make life miserable for you, it actually happened to make life better for you.


“Scars are not injuries. A scar is a healing. After an injury, a scar is what makes you whole” 

-China Mieville


S. Sufferings

C. Casualties

 A. Adversities

R. Rejection

S. Success


Scars are sufferings, casualties adversities, and rejections that bring about success in one’s life. Think about it, if you can survive sufferings, casualties, adversities, and rejections, then the only thing left is for you to Succeed!

-Evang. Tashara Luster


  The “Do You” List:

I know you have to have a “to-do list” every day, but you need to have a “Do You” List! We are constantly doing things, but we sometimes forget ourselves.  This list will help you achieve the optimum you, so that you can live a life full and overflowing and not one of weariness. This list helps you to take off the Superman (woman) Cape and put on the Robe of Care for yourself.  We as men and women, we are constantly wearing the cape of “I can do it all” when God is only requiring us to put on the Robe of Care.


Today, decide to change your wardrobe and give up your cape for the Robe of Care!  Your password for your life is LIBERATED.  The login name is YOU… You have to sign-on and login to your own life.  It is time to feel completely free being you.  The key password that all women need to be successful in life is Jesus Christ.  It is through Him that we are liberated. “Whom the Son sets free is free indeed” (John 8:36).


This is Your “Do You” List:

1)      Accept You

2)      Love You

3)      Trust You

4)      Affirm You

5)      Respect You

6)      Be You



Accept yourself no matter what. Have a great appreciation for who you are. There will always be things that you want to change, but you have to have initial acceptance of who you are and rejoice in the value of your life.  Know what qualities are simply a part of you and know the things that you do have the power to change.  You become better when you choose to.

Love yourself. If you do not, then no one else will. Take time to love yourself through words, care, and doing fun things.  You are worth it and you do deserve it.  Always keep a healthy self-esteem; fall in love with you, and then others will too.

Trust yourself no matter what.  You are your own greatest ally.  Decide every day and in every situation to be honest and trustworthy.

Affirm yourself. You know you can do it, you know you will make it, and you know you are a beautiful woman and you are a handsome man.  Say and do things to affirm yourself and the overall goal of your life.  Only allow things, people, and places into your life that affirm and add to who you are. Dismiss those things that subtract from you.

Respect yourself every day.  Never allow anyone to degrade you or treat you as less than who you are.  Always regard yourself highly and keep your dignity, integrity, and self-respect as a top priority.

Be You.  If you do not be you, then who will?  God made you and He doesn’t make mistakes, so you are what He wants you to be.  Seek God for improvements, and not the opinion of man.  Be proud to be you, even the past you.  You are a compilation of your life experiences and they have made you who you are today.


Every day, you have to keep this “Do You” list before you.  No matter what situation you face, you will always need to Accept you, Love you, Trust you, Affirm you, Respect you, and Be you!  When you don’t “Do You,” then you are a half-empty man (woman).  The only way to be full is to fully “Do You!”


Take time now to write out the “Do You” list several times on a piece of paper, sticky note, or index card. Put the list on the bathroom mirror, in the car, at your office, and wherever else you need a reminder of how great you are. A Total Man (Woman) does the “Do You” list every day.




90X #Prayerfor90Days FOR MEN ONLY Exit Wounds (Pt.2)

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After you have located the entry wound, determined the weapon, and I.D. the shooter, then you must have an Exit Wound. Every pain, hurt, disappointment, failure, and misfortune in life has to have an exit out of your life. Even in the natural when you go somewhere you have never been before, you always look for the exit door just in case something happens. If there is a way in then there is always a Way Out! You have to look for your way out, the Exit.


The thing about an entry wound and the weapon (the assault that brought you under arrest) that penetrates you is that after it has done all the damage that it can do, it has to exit. Although the entry wound of the weapon and assault hit your life and did all it could to kill you, the weapon was strong enough to hurt you, but not powerful enough to kill you. Therefore, since it did not kill you, it has to leave you. It has to Exit!


“No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment, You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, And their righteousness is from Me,” Says the Lord” (Isaiah 54:17)


Exit Wounds are defined as being the “Goodbye” lesion that a bullet or other projectile causes when leaving the body. Exit Wounds are often larger than the entrance (entry) wound, due to tumbling and deformation of the bullet. Today is the day to tell your wounds goodbye. The wounds of your past have become baggage weighing and slowing you down from your destiny. Your entry wounds are affecting your godly image, your manhood, your worship, your self-esteem, and your relationships. Don’t hold onto anything that is trying to destroy you. It is has already happened, so you need to give your future a chance now.


Let’s break these two words (Exit Wound) down separately. An Exit is defined as a way or passage out, a going out or away. It is a departure, or a leave. Wounds are defined as an injury, usually involving division of tissue or rupture of the integument or mucous membrane, due to external violence or some mechanical agency rather than disease. It is an injury or hurt to feelings, sensibilities, reputation, etc…


An Exit Wound is a way out, a departure, a way to leave an injury, a hurt, and a wound. The exit wound is bigger than the entry wound because you have accumulated so much that you are carrying out the assault that brought you under arrest. You have to leave the baggage of your entry wound behind you. The Worst has Already Happened and You Can Begin Again!


 “You Are Not What Happened to You”


1 Samuel 17:22 says, “Then David left his baggage in the care of the baggage keeper” (NASB). Leave your Baggage behind, leave it in the hands of the baggage keeper.  Nothing stays the same in life and survives. Make a firm choice today; never to be the same or to be stuck by something or in something that you cannot change. Your baggage is your roadblock to the next level of living in your life.  Before there was a storm or an assault (entry wound), there was a Destination. You have to make a choice to come to God with the baggage (just as you are), but to leave the baggage with Him. Let go of the baggage that is holding you back and keeping you weighed down.


 “Come as you are, but don’t Stay as you are”


Don’t allow the same entry wound to be inflicted upon you again. When you get up and exit out of this thing this time don’t get back in the same place where you have fallen or been wounded before. When you get up this time, you must be repositioned in a new place in order not to fall in the same mess, mistakes, traps, and pit again. Tell yourself, “Get Up!”


It is time to get up from where you are and change your life. God is calling for you to move.  So many men feel they have fallen to their Breaking Point. You are in a place where you feel you cannot be put back together again. You feel like you are in a place where the enemy has trapped you for good. You feel like you are in a Breaking Place that will not let you go. Today is your day of Release! God has called for you to get up and not fall again.


Your Falling days are over. The mess that had you so bound will have to Loose You and Let You Go!  I know you feel that you are in so many pieces and that it is impossible for this issue or situation to work for your good. Romans chapter 8 declares that All things work together for the Good! Understand even your breaking point is working for your good right now.  When you see the impossible, God sees the Possibility! Let that word get down in your spirit. Your Impossible situation is a platform for God to show you the Possibility of your destiny.






As we have talked thus far, in order to be set free, we must locate the entry wound, determine the weapon, I.D. the Shooter, discover the shooter’s purpose, and let the entry wound EXIT.


Now after you have done all of this you are free, although you may say to yourself, “I’m all Stitched up but I still feel painI don’t feel free yet.” Pain can cause you not to feel free! To this I answer, “I understand, I too have been set free and not felt free.” This is because Freedom is now Fragile, and if you are not careful, it will break from under you.


Imagine yourself as a prisoner being set free from a jail cell. Once out of prison you are given a second chance to live your life, and to live it right this time around. However, if you go back to the lifestyle (habits and friends) that put you in jail the first time, you will quickly return. You ask me, “Jared, I have brought my bondage to Christ, to the altar, and still there’s more I have to do?” Yes, setting your bondage on the altar was the easy part of the process and that’s because bondage is waiting for you outside the presence of God at the EXIT door.


Living a Life Without Picking Up More Bondage is What’s Difficult.


 In fact, free people are being offered more bondage than those that aren’t free because the free are empty-handed! This is exactly why so many people cannot remain free. When a prisoner gets out of jail after being in for so long, it is hard for them to adjust to a life without prison. Think about it, in prison you are fed free food, a bed to sleep on and clean clothes to wear.


But, the good news is God has set you free, not just externally but internally as well. All you have to do is believe it, and I mean truly believe it. When everything and everyone is telling you that you are going back to jail, you go ahead and tell yourself that you are going to make it!

Encouragement and discipline are your keys to success. As long as your spirit truly believes you will make it, no one can tear you down. Moreover, even if you do end up going back to jail, believe that it is a working progress. The very thing that the enemy can never take away from you is your belief. Your success is directly related to the level and depth of your belief!



 Aroused by faith Moses, when he had grown to maturity and become great, refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter, Because he preferred to share the oppression [suffer the hardships] and bear the shame of the people of God rather than to have the fleeting enjoyment of a sinful life” (Hebrews 11:24-25 AMP).

 Now I know I have been talking about prisoners and jail cells which is all fine and dandy, but all of that is metaphoric. When I say prison, I mean a life without peace in your heart. Not just a peace for the good times, but peace during situations and circumstances that don’t make sense. Moses grew up as a prince of Egypt. He had everything anyone could ask for: money, fame, fortune, and an easy life.


It’s funny how you can have it all naturally and be bankrupt in your soul. This was because Moses knew his life was a lie, and until you realize that the life you are living is not the life you were made to live, and consider suffering to be of greater worth than a sinful life, it will be nearly impossible to leave it.  Choose to have a Connection with God rather than incarceration with the enemy and a sinful life.


Choose Christ (your freedom) over Chains (your bondage)!

P-90X #Prayerfor90Days FOR MEN ONLY: EXIT WOUNDS (PT.1)

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“Building Men of Purpose, Power, Praise, & Prayer, to be

Total Men”

Exit Wounds:

“Locate the Entry Wound, 

Determine the Weapon,

I.D. the Shooter”

For many men, you can still remember the day, the year, the month, and the time when you came under arrest to the greatest assault of your life that caused you to give up hope for living or even thinking God would forgive you and use you for greatness. Many assaults in your life have brought you under arrest. You have been imprisoned by the hurt and pain long enough. The only way to overcome your past and your pain so that you can be healed, set-free, and delivered is to determine the location of the Entry Wound.

It is the Entry Wound that is the initial wound, hurt, and pain that has you so messed up now. It is the Entry Wound that is still bleeding and causing you to be a Wounded Warrior. Yes, you kept walking thinking that this meant you were healed, but actually, you are the Walking Wounded. It is time to locate the Entry Wound. Just like physically when someone is injured, and bleeding, it is considered a trauma wound. You have an emotional and past trauma that is bleeding in your life right now.


The only way to stop the bleeding is to locate the wound and apply pressure to it. In locating the Entry Wound, you are dealing with the root and the source by which the assault that has brought you under arrest started. The Entry Wound is the origin of the handicap that you now face in your life, emotions, marriage, manhood, and in your relationship with your kids, in your relationship with your father or the lack thereof, and in your relationship with God.


An Entry Wound is defined as being a wound made by a bullet or other object (weapon) as it enters the body. An entry wound pierces the flesh, the emotions, and the mind and enters into the core of who a man is in order to wreak havoc in his life, destroy him from the inside out, and sideline his destiny. The bullet that is used against you to cause such an entry wound of pain is from the enemy. Now the object used is actually the assault that has brought you under arrest to the deception of its power to render you powerless.


An Entry Wound is further defined as any localized abnormal structural change in the body. Now this allows us to know that an entry wound does not only hurt, harm, and injury you, but it also changes you into being something abnormal in structure. Now a man already has issues in his manhood that causes him to have to take pause often to reevaluate and get himself together. An entry wound makes a man abnormal, it takes away from his identity, structure, image, likeness, and characteristic by which he was created in God.


I know the Instant Replay of your mind still rebroadcasts the entry wound of your past. The Weapon that was used against you and caused your entry wound. These weapons have been the assaults (entry wounds) that have brought you under arrest. They could be a number of things.


Many of you can still remember the day when you were a little boy and you had just discovered that you have emotions that were made to stay trapped within you. You wanted to cry, but you were told to suck it up and that little boys don’t cry. Now you are a grown man and you are unable to have a healthy sense of your emotions.


After the devastation of not being able to express yourself fully through your emotions, you turned to the one emotion that is allowed, Anger. You use anger to rule and dictate others in order to get what you want from them and out of life. Anger is an assault (entry wound) that has brought you under arrest.


Many of you can still remember the day your father walked out on you, and you and your mom still have unforgiveness today about the “absence of a father.” It was the talk of those around you telling you that you would not be anything and that you will be just like your daddy that have brought you under arrest.


Many of you can still remember the times late at night when an uncle or cousin, or that trusted family friend would come into your room and do things to you that still to this day causes you to hate yourself and not trust men and struggle in relationships with women. The struggle of the homosexual thoughts, actions, and impulses are tearing your life apart. You are trying to control the mannerism and the tendencies, but the enemy of your soul is haunting you through this entry wound.


For other men, the assault that brought you under arrest (entry wound) was the dirty and seductive magazines and the pornography on the computer that you discovered that caused you not to appreciate women, but rather to look at them as something to devour. Now 100+ women later in your conquest of their bodies, you are still empty. For others it is that you are now living with an STD or AIDS wondering will God heal you.


For others, your attack or assault (entry wound) that brought you under arrest was the entry wound of the first time you hit the woman you supposedly loved and vowed you would never do it again. But, you still see the bruises and scars both physically and emotionally that you have left upon her.


For others, it is the thoughts of suicide, drug and alcohol abuse that is your assault that caused you to come under arrest. Finally, it is the entry wound of the regret of taking that young woman to the abortion clinic or giving that baby up for adoption. It is time to give up the Painful Secrets and heal from them. These incidents and many more, may have brought you under arrest, but they don’t have to Imprison you!


“You have to go from Entry Wound to Exit Wound”


The Shooter’s I.D. is satan himself. He used his spirits of deceit, counterfeits, and lustful desires as the assassin’s bullet to take you out. You did not know then that that one decision (the assault, the entry wound) would cause you to be under arrest so bad that you would even stop loving yourself and wanting to live. You stopped wanting to come to church and even be around others although they had nothing to do with the assault, the entry wound has isolated you. You did not know that the situation was a trick; a trap in order to get you so messed up and tied up that you would give up!


God wants to restore Hope to the hopeless. When Jesus said to God (Our Father), “Send me, I will make a recompense for it all.” When Jesus said send me, He became a ransom for us. Jesus died so that you would not have to die to the assault that brought you under arrest. There is another way, a better way, and it is through Christ.


Jesus came and died on the cross, He suffered so that you would not have to anymore over this issue. Jesus came to carry it, so that you would not have to anymore; it is too much for you to carry anyway. Jesus came so that He could forgive us, so we would not have to walk around in the guilt and shame of the entry wound. Jesus has come so that you can live again, dream again, hope again, and be all that He has called you to be!


For many of you, the enemy has used isolation to keep you bound, but you are not alone. God is here and has always been there, even when the assault happened. Many of you would say, “How could God have been there and let it happen to me?” Remember that God had to be there cause you made it out alive and that was the grace, the assault hurt you, but it did not kill you. For many of you, you made it out alive, but forgot to live again. The Holy Spirit yearns to comfort you and rebuild your life from the Ashes!


God sees you living again even though all you can see is the rubble and aftermath of the assault on your life. When the enemy launched the assault against you, he did it to try to stop the flow of the anointing and take from you the prosperous place of destiny that the Lord has in store for you. I know you thought the attack was about you, but the enemy was trying to stop the move of God in your life, he did not want the Lord to get the glory, so he attacked what you stood for in order to stop the kingdom!


My dear brothers don’t be a Hoarder of your past! If you are going to hoard or hold onto something, then hold on to the good and the best that is yet to come. Let go of what has taken from you already. Many men know what it is like to have Real-Life Drama! Get rid of the things, places, and people that are bringing you down. Identify what is bringing you down, what is causing you pain: the assault, the shame, the guilt, debt, failed relationships, the past, etc… You have to identify in order to confront, you cannot confront, what you will not identify, and you will never be able to conquer, what you don’t confront!


“Refuse to Hold your Future in Contempt of your Past”


I got a secret for you, it has already happened, you already did it, it was already done to you and you can’t go back! But today you can decide to move forward with a new perspective, new attitude and in wholeness. No matter the pain, the past has shaped you to be who you are today. “We Are a Compilation of Our Life Experiences!”  Like it or not, once the entry wound happened, it became a part of you, but it is not the sum (total) of who you are.


The step you missed in being healed was that you did not release the assault so that you could be unleashed from its attachments. You have to unleash it so that you can be the you before the entry wound happened.  The you that use to dream and be so driven and strong before your innocence was taken, before the assault, the you before the mistakes and bad decisions.


After you have located the entry wound, determined the weapon, and I.D. the shooter, then you must have an Exit Wound. Every pain, hurt, disappointment, failure, and misfortune in life has to have an exit out of your life. Even in the natural when you go somewhere you have never been before, you always look for the exit door just in case something happens. If there is a way in then there is always a Way Out! You have to look for your way out, the Exit.


Manhood Assignment: Locate Your Entry Wound, Determine the Weapon, & I.D. the Shooter of all the assaults that have brought you under arrest. Decide today that you will no longer live with wounds in your life.


The  copyrighted material from this teaching are excerpts from author Tashara Luster’s soon to be released book:
 Copyright. Tashara Luster. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without consent.

P-90X #Prayerfor90Days FOR WOMEN ONLY: Healing & Wholeness

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 “Building Women of Purpose, Power, Praise, &  Prayer, to be Total Women”

 Release Your Past, Unleash Your Future

Every Woman has to Hear this Powerful Word!

“The Assault that Brought You Under Arrest”


For many of us, we can still remember the day, the month, the year, and the time when we came under the greatest assault of our lives.  The assault caused us to give up hope for living and believing God would forgive us and use us for greatness.  Many assaults in a woman’s life have brought her under arrest. Many of you can still remember the day when you thought you loved that man so much and slept with him, believing that if you would give him what he wanted, then he would give you what you needed-Love.

Many of you can still remember the times late at night, when an uncle, cousin, or trusted family friend would come into your room and do unspeakable things to you. To this day, what happened to you causes you to hate yourself and not trust men.  Many of you can still remember when you went out on that date with someone you thought was a nice young man, but later you found out it was a fatal attraction plot when he took from you something that you held so dear.  This incident (rape) caused you to feel that before another man violates you again, then you would just give it up. Now 10, 15, 20 or more men later, you still feel empty, used, and abused.

For others, the assault that brought you under arrest was the first time he hit you and told you he would never do it again. However, you still have the bruises and the scars to prove he does not love you.  The assault for others was that man who cheated and committed adultery on you. Adding pain to insult, he told you that you were the only one he loved.


For others, it is that you are now living with a STD or AIDS, wondering if God will heal you.  For others, it was thoughts of suicide, or drug and alcohol abuse that caused you to come under arrest. Finally, for the sister who still cries and feels regret and remorse about the abortion or giving that baby up for adoption, you are under arrest.  It is time to give up the painful secrets and be healed from them.  These incidents may have brought you under arrest, but they don’t have to continue to imprison you.


You did not know then that the assault, that one decision, would cause you to be under arrest so badly that you would even stop loving yourself and wanting to live.  You stopped wanting to come to church and be around those that had nothing to do with the assault, because you felt safer in isolation. You did not know that the situation was a trick, a trap in order to get you so messed up and tied up that you would give up! Today, God wants to restore hope to the hopeless.


When Jesus said to God (Our Father), “Send me, I will make a recompense for it all,” He became a ransom for us.  Jesus died so that you would not die to the assault that has brought you under arrest.  There is another way, a better way, and it is through Christ.  He suffered and died, so that you would not have to suffer and die inward deaths over this issue.  He came to carry it, so that you would not have to anymore. It is too much for you to carry anyway.  Jesus died for us to have forgiveness, so that we would not have to live with or carry the guilt and shame of the assault.  Jesus died so that you could live again, dream again, hope again, and be all that He has called you to be!


 For many of you, the enemy has used isolation to keep you bound, but you are not alone. God is with you and He has always been there, even when the assault happened.  Many of you are wondering, “How could God have been there and let it happen to me?”  Remember that God had to be there, because you made it out alive, and that was by His grace. The assault hurt you, but it did not kill you!  For many of us, we made it out alive, but forgot to live again!


 The Holy Spirit yearns to comfort you and rebuild your life from the ashes.  God sees you living again even though all you can see is the rubble and the aftermath of the assault.  When the enemy launched the assault against you, he did it in order to try to stop the flow of the anointing and take from you the prosperous place of destiny that the Lord has in store for you.  I know you thought the attack was about you, but the enemy was trying to stop the move of God in your life. The enemy did not want God to get the glory, so he attacked what you stood for in order to stop you and the Kingdom.


We women are hoarders of our past!  If you are going to hold on to or hoard something, then hold on to and hoard the good and the best that is yet to come.  Let go of the pain that was inflicted during the assault.  Many of us know what it is like to have Real-Life Drama!  Get rid of the things, places, and people that are bringing you down. Identify what is bringing you down, and what is causing you pain. The assault, the shame, the guilt, the debt, the failed relationships, and the past, was enough to arrest you, but not strong enough to destroy your destiny.


“Refuse to Hold Your Future in Contempt of Your Past”

To unleash means to release or loose from, to break-free, and to let go.  The word release means to set-free from confinement, restraint, to free, or let-go, or dismiss.  In order to be free you must let go and dismiss your past.  I have a secret for you; it already happened, you already did it, it was already done to you, and you can’t go back!  However, today you can decide to move forward with a new perspective, a new attitude, and in wholeness.


No matter the pain, the past has shaped you into who you are today.  We are a Compilation of our Life Experiences!  Like it or not, once ‘it’ happened, it became a part of you, but it is not the sum (total) of who you are.  The step you missed in being healed was that you did not Release it, so that you could be Unleashed.  You have to release it so that you can be who you were before ‘it’ happened, the you that used to dream and be so vibrant before your innocence was taken, before the assault, and before the mistakes and the bad decisions.


“Come as you are, but don’t stay as you are.”

Some may ask, “What does true release look like?”  I am so glad you asked.  1 Samuel 17:22 says, “Then David left his baggage in the care of the baggage keeper” (NASB).  Leave your Baggage behind, leave it in the hands of the baggage keeper.  Nothing stays the same in life and survives.  Decide today never to be the same again. Never be bound by something, or stuck in something, you cannot change.  Your baggage is the roadblock keeping you from your destiny.  Before there was a storm or an assault on your life, there was a Destination.  You have to make a choice to give God the baggage, leave the baggage with Him, and not pick it back up again.  Let go of the baggage that is holding you back and keeping you weighed down.


 “You Are Not What Happened To You”

You will not always remain where you are now; old things even today are passing away and, all things are becoming new in your life.  No matter how bad the assault or attack (the trap or the trick that was played on you), God is able to strengthen you again.  You are not the rape, the molestation incident, the physical abuse, the drug and alcohol addiction, you are not the abortion, and you are not the sexual acts you have committed.  What happens to you in life is not necessarily what defines who you are!  What happened (the assault) is not who you are.  You are not what happened to you, but you must now see yourself through God’s eyes, and He proclaims in Jeremiah 29:10-14:


“For thus says the Lord: After seventy years are completed at Babylon, I will visit you and perform My good word toward you, and cause you to return to this place. 11For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. 12Then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. 13And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart. 14I will be found by you, says the Lord, and I will bring you back from your captivity; I will gather you from all the nations and from all the places where I have driven you, says the Lord, and I will bring you to the place from which I cause you to be carried away captive.”


You can always come back home, back to the heart of God, your First Love.  I am reminded of the prodigal son in Luke 15: although he had an inheritance that was his even before birth, the enticement of “something more or something better” drew him into a life that was not in line with his heritage.  After being disobedient and causing his own pain and demise, he found himself at his lowest point in a pigpen eating slop.  The Bible records a profound statement, which describes the most defining moment in the prodigal son’s life, “He came to himself, and he came to his senses” (v.17 NLT).


 My dear sister, I know you feel that you have made reprehensible decisions concerning your life and that you have forfeited some things, but I declare unto you that you can always come back home.  You are not what happened to you, even during your straying away and backsliding moments.  When the prodigal son came to himself and his senses, he realized, “life has to be better than this, and there is a greater plan for my life.”  I want you to know that God just pressed the pause button while you were on the search and quest of who you thought you were, although it was outside of His will.  If you don’t know God, then you will never know or understand yourself.


 The first step to beginning again and realizing you are not what happened to you is to forgive yourself.  There, I said it. You are not where you need to be because you can’t forgive yourself and quit carrying around the guilt of what happened.  You have not been able to begin again because you can’t stop thinking, “If only I had done this and not that in my life.” It is done and it is over with, and you can’t go back. Today, you have to make the choice to come to your senses and say, “It has to be better than this- enough is enough.”  Get out of the pigpen, dust yourself off, and come home. The Lord is waiting on you with open arms to receive you back as His daughter, and nothing less.


 God doesn’t just want you healed, but He wants you Whole.  Wholeness will keep you from going back to the pits; wholeness will help you deliver others, and being whole means not having any lack.  You are complete and you are ready for the next great thing God wants to do in your life.  God can’t send you to the next level with the issues you have now, but rather He needs you whole.  Allow your Purpose to speak louder than your pain!


 Stop Looking at your Future in light of your past!  The light of your past is not enough to shine forth or illuminate your future.  Trust God for enough light for where you are, and for the step you are on.  Make up in your mind that you are going to outlive what you are going through.



What have you not healed over yet?  This could be the indicator of your broken arrows.  Sometimes, it is not the arrows (the dreams) that are broken, but the bow (You) that is broken.  A broken bow cannot shoot out an arrow.  The walls that you have built to protect yourself have actually imprisoned you!  Brokenness cannot be built upon or around; it must be rebuilt!  Sometimes, we are shattered on the inside and that makes us unfortified on the outside.

The word restart means to commence, begin, to move suddenly, to get into motion, originate, introduce and to establish.  It is also a place or time of beginning and it even means to make a noise.


The word shutdown means to cease, to halt, to block, to confine, to prevent, to keep away, to stop the flow of, and to be silent.  It is okay to restart, it is okay to begin, move suddenly, get into motion, and establish.  You owe it to yourself after all you have been through to restart in every area of your life.  However, it is not okay for you to stop living and shutdown.  Do not stop, halt, cease, block, or keep away your blessings, future, or the happiness that is to come in your life, despite what has already happened.


Don’t Breakdown, but Breakthrough. It is time for you to Pursue, Overtake, and Recover All.  Restart means to make a noise, but shutdown means to be silent.  Restart your life!  Make some noise!  Don’t shutdown and lose yourself by being silent about or in your own life.




Get Your Daily Dose of P-90X #Prayerfor90Days (Tues Live Prayer 10/15/13 Wholeness)

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As I thought about this word Wholeness, which means to have the full quantity and amount of something and it is the totality of something that is complete in and of itself by which it has or contains all of its proper elements and belongings. It is something that is undivided, and in one piece, something not broken, damaged, or impaired, but completely intact.


Though it may seem you will never be whole again, your sickness, disease, illness, wounds, pains, depression, heartbreak, and brokenness are on their way to becoming something of the past.


Welcome to the HEALING PROCESS

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Your Wholeness is in Your Worship


I decree today that you will be Whole: You will be full and complete; you will have all of your proper elements and belongings. You will no longer be divided or double minded. You will no longer live a life of broken pieces, but you will have total peace. You will no longer be damaged, or impaired, but completely intact. You Are Whole!


I was led to John 5, the story of the man at the Pool of Bethesda. A man who also dealt with needing to be Made Whole. Not just receiving wholeness, but MADE whole… this can only come by life sometimes knocking you down, sometimes going through hardships, difficulties, a sickness, relationships falling apart, loss of a job, a marriage, or a loved one… Something is only MADE when it has gone through the Worst and it was still able to Survive! Somebody shout, I MADE IT! I have gone through the Worst, yet I Still Survived!


Do you want to be Made Well & Whole? I know it sounds like a crazy question to ask someone, do they want to be made whole or well. But Jesus himself in John 5 poses this vey question to the man at the Pool of Bethesda.


5 Now a certain man was there who had an infirmity thirty-eight years. 6 When Jesus saw him lying there, and knew that he already had been in that condition a long time, He said to him, “Do you want to be made well?”7 The sick man answered Him, “Sir, I have no man to put me into the pool when the water is stirred up; but while I am coming, another steps down before me.”

I want you to know that God’s sees you lying there in your condition or issue today. He knows it has been a long time that you have had to deal with the situation, but he has come to see about your need. Before there can be deliverance there has to be a determination on your part that you want to be made well/whole. Because there are sometimes and some things in life that we can deal with for so long that we think that this is the way it will always be.

We have been Conditioned by the Condition!

We have allowed the condition to be our way of life! The Bible then says that the “Sick/Infirmed” man… this is the label that has been placed on you from being in your condition so long that this is how you view yourself and how others view you as well. Now the man answered Jesus with an EXCUSE! He never said Yes I want to be made whole, or I want to be made well, rather he said I have No Man to put me where I need to be in the pool at the right time. Many of us have been in the Condition so long because we have been waiting on someone else to do only what God can do. We are always looking to someone else other than God to be the Answer to all our problems, thereby putting unrealistic expectations on others to do what only is designed and purposed for the Father to do in our lives.

Many of you have not been made well/whole because your Excuse is how everyone else keeps getting ahead or in front of you or how someone has not put you or placed you where you ought to be. It is time for you to rise up and by faith and by works (actions) go forth in the things of God!

God has this to say about your issue, your condition, and about you being made well/whole:

8Jesus said to him, “Rise, take up your bed and walk.” 9And immediately the man was made well/whole, took up his bed, and walked.

When  you let go of your excuses, believe,  and completely rely on God (and no one else) the Order of your Condition will be Reversed… the Bible says, Rise, Take up your bed and walk… when he received what Jesus said about him, the turnaround was this: immediately the man was made well/whole, took up his bed, and walked. What has taken a long time for you will now happen immediately because you are relying and trusting God.

Position (Current) vs. Predestination (Future)

The Position that you are in right now is your temporary condition. It is just an identifying marker of where you are, not who you are…Where you are does not supersede Who you are, and who you are to become… Your position right now is just a GPS location, not your Predestined/Predetermined Destination! You are standing in a temporary condition/issue, don’t get uncertain about who you are in uncertain times. First & not last, Above & not beneath, the Head & not the tail!

Romans 8:30
Moreover whom He predestined, these He also called; whom He called, these He also justified; and whom He justified, these He also glorified.

In this text, we find a man that had been at the place of his blessing for thirty-eight long years.  He had not moved once in those thirty-eight years to possess what God had for him. “How long have you been at your pool of Bethesda (House of Mercy) and not moved?”  I will give you the answer- Too Long!


Just like in verse 6, when Jesus asked the man, “Do you want to be made well?” I present that question to you today.  I know some of you might say it is stupid to ask someone if they want to be made whole or well if they have been in the same condition for thirty-eight years.  In actuality, the question is relevant because if he wanted to be well, he would have moved thirty-eight years ago.  He would not be lying in the same place of complacency and waiting on someone else to do what only God can do. Why are you still just lying there, Man (Woman) of Destiny?


Then Jesus asked him, “Are you earnest about getting well?”  Jesus was simply asking him, “Do you mean it for real this time?” My brother (sister), you said in 1997 that you were ready to live and do right, again in 1998, again in 2005, and now it is 2013 and you are still just lying by the pool of your healing, blessing, anointing, joy, understanding, and breakthrough!  You are still just sitting there watching everyone else live out his or her life and blessings.  When are you going to move into the place of possession and position?  We have become complacent, content, and happy in a place that was supposed to be only temporary!


God might have told you to sit at the pool and learn for 38 days, 38 months, but not 38 years.  You have turned a temporary stopping point in your life into your future.  Just like the man in the text, we need to stop waiting on someone else to put us in the pool.  While you are waiting on “Joe Somebody,” God is waiting on you.


Finally, in verses 8-9, Jesus gave the man instructions about how to be made whole.  First, you have to Get Up!  You have to make a conscious decision within yourself that you are tired of where you are in life and that God has more in store for you.  First, getting up happens in your mindset, then it grows in your heart. 

Next, Jesus told him to Pick Up.  You have to pick up from where you are now and get yourself into motion.  When you pick up, it is in the areas of your life that you know you need a touch from Jesus.  I do not care where you are right now in your life, career, age, walk with God, or any other situation. My brother (sister), it is time to get up in your mind, will, and spirit.  Then it is time for you to pick up the broken and messed up pieces in your life and Walk.  This means Move.  Take those things that are broken to Jesus and He will fix them.


I find it interesting that Jesus did not say, Get up, Leave your mat here, and then Walk.  Understand it is not what is in your life that cripples you, but rather what has not been in contact with Jesus.  Only when that situation in your life gets into a new place with the Lord will it be healed.  When Jesus told the man to move and walk, He wanted him to get to the place He had prepared for him.


Ask the Lord today, “What and where is the place that you have prepared for me?” After God gives you the answer, then it is time to GET UP, PICK UP, and WALK!  One last thing, in verse nine, we notice that Jesus did not tell him to get into the pool.  Understand, sometimes God will not perform your blessing the same way as everybody else’s.  He is doing a New Thing!


You are an extraordinary and peculiar treasure in the sight of God.  You are going to a place greater than the pool you have laid beside so long.  You might be the chosen one that will walk out a miracle of God before many.  The man’s turn was in a pool with many other people, but his time was to walk and go to a new place, where it was just him and Jesus.  FOCUS ON YOUR TIME, NOT YOUR TURN!






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This Week’s Topic & Prayer Target is Healing & Wholeness. We are praying and we are decreeing and declaring that you will be healed, set-free and delivered from sickness, disease, infirmities, mental illness, past pains, emotional pain, heartbreak, and so much more. BE HEALED IN JESUS’ NAME!

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