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Keep The Fire Burning Bible Study

Wed.  7:30 p.m. EST

ZOOM Invitation Only

Request an Invitation via Email at


This postmodern style of Bible Study reaches people all over the U.S. Since 2010 we have hosted weekly online bible studies that put fresh wood on the altar of our hearts.  Leviticus 6:12 AMP “The fire on the altar shall be kept burning; it shall not [be allowed to] go out”.

So many of us have suffered many types of losses over the past 3 years due to COVID-19 which caused grief. 

There is LIFE after Loss and grief can be healthy if you understand it as a process and allow Christ to walk with you in it.

Grief is a Journey that sooner or later we all must take

Join us as we how we can take a journey with hope and how to lean on our creator throughout the journey.  

Learn about the 5 states of Grief: 1) Shock, 2) Bargaining 3) Depression, 4) Anger, 5) Acceptance

Invite someone you know that needs to experience Holy Spirit Moments and God Surprises while being Enlightened & Empowered in their knowledge of God’s Love for the world and the Christian Faith.

Pastor Andrea Omojola and Mercy Ships

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Without A Trace Ministries supports
Pastor Andrea Diallo and Mercy Ships

Join the movement of Enlightening & Empowering People to Be Free
by being a part of Pastor Andrea’s team on Mercy Ships
Donate at

Breaking Free Program

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March Madness

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For the Next 31 Days, We are Focusing on Men!

Evangelist Tashara Luster along with WATM are launching this 31-Day Study about Manhood to help the men of today to become Mighty Men of Valor!

*All Devotions are Excerpts from Evang. Tashara Luster’s soon to be released book-


This 31-Day Study will tackle & destroy the hard addictions & strongholds of men. It will establish & build men back to a place of authority in the Kingdom and in their homes. During this 31-Day Study, Men will be encouraged so that they can encourage one another. Evangelist Luster & WATM are committed to serving & providing strong brotherhood in the Kingdom. For far too long, the men have been neglected… We have heard the cries of the forgotten and we are committed to taking the Men of God of today to next level living in God.

Finally, this daily blog site ( will teach and empower men to understand women and what they really want and need. So, Join Us EveryTuesday at 7am (est) for Men’s Prayer, and Every Wednesday at 9pm (est) for Men’s Bible Study.

“Building Men of Purpose, Power, Praise, Prayer, and to be 

the Total Man (the Priest of their home)”

Marriage and Relationships

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Feb PromotionTo show our support for National Marriage Week USA, we have joined forces together to build stronger marriages and relationships. Evangelist Tashara Luster (Daily Benefits Ministry), Pastor Tina & Elder Gary McCrea (Without A Trace Ministries), & Life-Coaches Eddie Samuel & LaTrina Sheffield (The Goshen Group) are ready & equipped to bring you resources, tools and other great information to build strong marriages and relationships.


In the month of February, join us every Tuesday for Prayer @ 7am (EST) and every Wednesday for Bible Study @ 9pm (EST) (Call in number 424-203- 8000/ Access Code 104551). Please Email All Marriage & Relationship Questions, and Prayer Requests to:


We will also be taking marriage & relationship questions via Twitter and Facebook and we will respond to people personally during the Wednesday calls.  So be sure to follow us on Twitter @TasharaLuster, and @pastorWATM. Also on facebook for an opportunity to have your questions answered.


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Please Submit All Prayer Requests and Praise Reports to our Contact Page or message us on Facebook

We will personally pray for you! All prayer requests will receive a personal response either via email, twitter, FB, or by phone. We will be praying for you daily and decreeing by Faith that
“It Is Already Done!”


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Get All Your Daily Up-to-Date Info About P-90X “Prayer for 90 Days” At:

P90X “Prayer For 90-Days” Plan:
Daily Devotions/Blog Posts with a Written Prayer & Application
Live Tweets & Live FB Responses to Your Prayer Requests & Questions!
 “Check in with us Daily on FB, Twitter, & Our Ministry Websites 
to find out what exciting prayer related Events are happening!
We will have Prayer Walks, Giveaways, Live Prayer Conference Calls, Bible Studies, Provide Personal Responses to Your Prayer Requests, & So Much More…”
Use hashtag #Prayerfor90Days follow us on Twitter and Facebook

P90X Playback

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Daily Playback Special Prayers (Pre-recorded)
(Please submit prayer requests and praise reports to or post on Without A Trace Ministries Facebook (FB) Page 

The P90X “Prayer For 90-Days” Experience consists of :

1. Daily Devotions with a Written Prayer and Application

2. Blog Postings on Without A Trace Ministries Website & FB Page, and Tashara Luster Website

3. Live Tweets & Live FB responses to prayer requests

4.  “Check in with us Daily on FB, Twitter, & Our Ministry Websites to find out what exciting prayer related events are happening”

Use hash-tag #Prayerfor90Days to follow us Twitter and Facebook

50-50 Project

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Without A Trace Ministries is partnering with Lifted Hands Ministries  in support of one of their January “Random 50” projects.

WE NEED YOU! Please join us in gathering at least 50 blankets and bibles (new/slightly used only please) to distribute to the homeless by January 8, 2013.  Drop off at Without A Trace Ministries location or donate $5 online specify Blankets & Bibles Project.

If you wish to join us on January 12, 2013 to distribute the blankets & bibles, please contact Pastor Andrea Dialo at

New Years Eve

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P90X New Years Eve - 2013 (Front) P90X New Years Eve - 2013 (Back) 2
P90X Prayer for 90 Days

“A New Year…A New You”

December 31st, 2013


Christ Fellowship of Stone Mountain
2650 Young Road
Stone Mountain, GA 30088