WATM at a Glance

Our Mission

Enlightening and empowering people to be free, one home at a time.  This ministry/movement will foster deliverance and discipleship to married couples, co-habitating couples, men, women and children as well as those who are bound.  We will identify open wounds and bring about healing, self-esteem, and hope of a new beginning in God so that each person can live out his/her full potential.

Our Vision

This ministry and movement will provide real discipleship and a solid biblical foundation to meet the needs of people who others believe are unreachable such as the homosexual, those with addictive behaviors, the domestically abused, prostitutes, the wounded and broken hearted.  We will make the word relevant to deepen the faith of the Christian and offer salvation to the non-Christian thereby fulfilling the Great Commission of Christ.

Certified & Ordained Re-Entry Life Coaches

  • Pastor Tabeth Sithole
  • Tavonga Rusike