Marriage and Relationships

Feb PromotionTo show our support for National Marriage Week USA, we have joined forces together to build stronger marriages and relationships. Evangelist Tashara Luster (Daily Benefits Ministry), Pastor Tina & Elder Gary McCrea (Without A Trace Ministries), & Life-Coaches Eddie Samuel & LaTrina Sheffield (The Goshen Group) are ready & equipped to bring you resources, tools and other great information to build strong marriages and relationships.


In the month of February, join us every Tuesday for Prayer @ 7am (EST) and every Wednesday for Bible Study @ 9pm (EST) (Call in number 424-203- 8000/ Access Code 104551). Please Email All Marriage & Relationship Questions, and Prayer Requests to:


We will also be taking marriage & relationship questions via Twitter and Facebook and we will respond to people personally during the Wednesday calls.  So be sure to follow us on Twitter @TasharaLuster, and @pastorWATM. Also on facebook for an opportunity to have your questions answered.