Prayer With A Purpose – “Praying & Seeking Christ In The Psalms”

Mar 31, 2015   //   by Tina McCrea   //   Blog  //  Comments Off on Prayer With A Purpose – “Praying & Seeking Christ In The Psalms”

In preparing for the month, I was searching for images that I thought would be fitting for different events and came across this one:



It hit me that this was the next purposeful direction that we will be taking in prayer.  As I begin to look into this further I found an article written by  Bill Gaultiere on the subject.  I also found another article written by Jason Hood who speak about how we can preach Jesus through the Psalms.  I will be using a combination of the two to share each week along with whatever the Father gives me to share in prayer.


This week is Holy Week and although you may think the Psalms have nothing to do with the risen savior, I encourage you to click here and listen for yourself.  Don’t cause your fear of hypocrites in church to make you become one this Resurrection Sunday.  Seek out a place to join in with a congregation of true worshipers and sing Psalms of praise to the Messiah!

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